{'query':'','suggestions':['Instramed National Wound Care Pack No 2, 2021','LIFEPAK CR Plus Semi-Automatic AED Defibrillator 80403-000177','CHARGE PAK Defibrillator Charging Stick and two sets of Quickpak Electrodes 11403-000001','Biogel Latex Surgeons Glove, Sterile, Size 8 (50 pairs) 96180','Biogel Latex Surgerons Gloves, Sterile, Size 7.5 (50 pairs) 96175','Biogel Latex Surgeons Glove, Sterile, Size 6 (50 pairs) 96160','Biogel Latex Surgeons Glove, Sterile, Size 7 (50 pairs) 96170','Gauze Swab BP 10 x 10cm Non Sterile 8 ply (100) ','Paediatric Redipak Defibrillator Electrodes (AED) Pair 11101-000016','Paediatric Electrode Starter Kit 11101-000017','Sterile Gauze Swabs BP 10cm x 10cm 12 ply (25) 958510','Biogel Latex Surgeons Glove, Sterile, Size 8.5 (50 pairs) 96185 ','Biogel Latex Surgeons Gloves, Sterile, Size 9 (50 pairs) 96190','LIFEPAK CR Plus Defibrillator Wall Bracket 11210-000021','TS8075 Topper 8 Sterile Non Woven Fabric Swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm','LIFEPAK CR Plus Defibrillator Alarmed Wall Cabinet 11220-000079','LIFEPAK CR Plus Fully-Automatic AED Defibrillator 80403-000178','CHARGE PAK Defibrillator Charging Stick and one set of Quickpak Electrodes 11403-000002','Littmann 2160 Master Cardiology Stethoscope, Black','Sterostrip Washproof Spot Plasters (200) 7190R','Sterostrip Washproof Spot Plasters (12 x 200)','52434-U Welch Allyn 4.25mm Adult Disposable Otoscope Specula (850) ','71824 Welch Allyn Desk Set With Fibre Optic Otoscope','Sempercare Sterile Nitrile Powder Free Small Examination Gloves (50 pairs) G826753627 ','Ion-Air Adult Manual Resuscitator 1400ml, Single Patient Use ','Littmann Lightweight II Nursing Stethoscope 2451 Burgundy','Omron M3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor','Littmann Select Nurses Stethoscope Black 2290','Tourniquet \'Button\' Single Use (100) D80.150','Ion-Air Adult Manual Resuscitator 1600ml, Single Patient Use ','Ion-Air Child Manual Resuscitator 550ml, Single Patient Use ','Keeler Practitioner 2.8v Fibre Optic Diagnostic Set 129-P-1020 with Dry Cell Battery Handle','Keeler Practitioner 3.6v Fibre Optic Diagnostic Set 1729-P-1024 with Lithium Rechargeable Handle','Keeler Jazz Fibre Optic Otoscope 1514-P-1160','Keeler Jazz 1102-P-1092 Ophthalmoscope 2.8v','Ion-Air Adult Manual Resuscitator 1000ml, Single Patient Use ','Silicone Fob Watch Blue','Reusable Pen Torch Pink','Reusable Pen Torch Red D85.015','Ion-Air Infant Manual Resuscitator 300ml, Single Patient Use','Keeler 3.6v Practitioner Ophthalmoscope Head & Bulb Only 1127-P-1004','Keeler 3.6v Standard Ophthalmoscope 1126-P-1006 Lithium Rechargeable','Keeler 3.6v Fibre Optic Otoscope Head & Bulb Only 1514-P-1072','Keeler Standard 2.8v Ophthalmoscope Head & Bulb Only 1126-P-1002','Keeler 3.6v Ophthalmoscope Head & Bulb Only 1126-P-1004','Keeler 2.8v Practitioner Ophthalmoscope Head & Bulb Only 1127-P-1002','Keeler Practitioner 2.8v Otoscope Head and Bulb Only 1513-P-1062','Keeler Practitioner 3.6v Otoscope Head & Bulb 1513-P-1054','Keeler 2.8v Fibre Optic Otoscope Head & Bulb Only 1514-P-1064','UHS Foam Swabsticks (5 \'s) UN286-5','Halifax Surgical Trolley (47cm x 63cm x 91.5cm) 1501/A/3','Halifax Surgical Trolley (47cm x 78cm x 91.5cm) 1502/A/3','Keeler Practitioner 3.6v Otoscope 1519-P-1002 Lithium Rechargeable Handle','Keeler Standard 2.8v Head and Bulb Only 1516-P-1025','Keeler Standard 3.6v Otoscope Head and Bulb Only 1515-P-1033','Keeler Practitioner 2.8v Otoscope 1519-P-1001 Dry Cell Battery Handle','Hastings Surgical Trolley (47cm x 78cm x 91.5cm) 1552','Harrogate Surgical Trolley (47cm x 78cm x 91.5cm) 1502/S/E','Howarth 1 Trolley White (45cm x 57cm x 96cm) 1525','Harrogate Surgical Trolley (47cm x 47cm x 91.5cm) 1500/S/3','Harrogate Surgical Trolley (47cm x 63cm x 91.5cm) 1501/S/3','Halifax Surgical Trolley (47cm x 47cm x 91.5cm) 1500/A/3','Doherty 3 Section Electric Plinth PLE02','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDG0110 Benchtop Model 36 Litre Capacity Glass Door','Accoson SIX00 Aneroid Desk Model 0632A','Hastings Surgical Trolley (47cm x 63cm x 91.5cm) 1551','Bedfont SteriBreath Mouthpieces (250) 1420040','Opticlar P3 LED Pocket Otoscope ,Fibre Optic ,White','Bailey Retractable 10g Monofilament','Opticlar P3 LED Pocket Otoscope ,Fibre Optic ,Black','Opticlar P3 LED Pocket Otoscope ,Fibre Optic ,Blue','Accoson Ambidex Double Tube Velcro BP Cuffs ','Accoson Velcro Sphyg Cuffs with Single Tube Inflation Bags ','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDG0210 Benchtop Model 66 Litre Capacity Glass Door','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDF1310 Free Standing Model 390 Litre Capacity ','Giving Set (Solution Administration Set) EMC9608','Philips Heartstart Adult Defib Pads M3713A With Plug Connector','BD Vacutainer 360213 21g x 1.5\" Multi Sample Blood Collection Needles','Doherty 2 Section Plinth, Electric PLE01','CoAgucheck XS PT Test Strips (2 x 24) 04625315019','Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators 15cm (5) Ref 21514','Small Wooden Cotton Tipped Applicators 15cm (100)','AriPro Barrier Mousse 250ml','Hastings Surgical Trolley (47cm x 47cm x 91.5cm) 1550 ','Marsden M-540 Stand on Medical Scale with Discreet Reading Indicator Class III','Spirigel Complete Alcohol Hand Gel Pump 60ml 3056190','Seraman Sensitive Cleansing Wash 500ml 3029070','Hydrex Pink Trigger Spray 500ml 3035070','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Medium (10 x 100) 9537','Rocialle Blue Griprite Forcep Sterile RML109-006 (100)','Hyalofemme Vaginal Gel 30g + Applicator','Clinell Sporicidal Wipes (25) GCS25 for surface disinfection','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Large(10 x 100) 9538','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Small (10 x 100) 9536 ','Ambu WhiteSensor ECG Electodes 0415M (500) Formerly Unilect Biotabs ','Purell NXT Hand Sanitiser Wall Dispenser 2039-06-EEU00','Marsden M-540H Stand on Medical Scale with Fitted Indicator Class III','AW Battery Operated Cautery Set ','Elemental Cautery Tip Disposable Single-Use 09-504 (For use with Handi Light Duty Model Cautery)','Elemental Cautery Tip Disposable Single-Use 09-505 (For use with Handi Light Duty Model Cautery)','Opsite Post-Op Adhesive Film Dressing 6.5 x 5cm (100) 66000708','Merlin Disposable Cautery Pen D908','FIAB Disposable Cautery Pen High Temp , Fine Tip (174mm) D901','FIAB Disposable Cautery Pen High Temp, Large Tip (174mm) D902','FIAB Disposable Cautery Pen High Temp, Fine Tip (290mm) D903','FIAB Disposable Cautery Pen Medium Temperature, Thick Tip (174mm) D904','FIAB Disposable Cautery Pen Low Temperature, Fine Tip (125mm) D905','Elemental Cautery Tip Disposable Single-Use 09-501 (For use with Handi Light Duty Model)','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Large(100) 9538','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Medium (100) 9537','Daray X350L LED Mobile Examination Light ','Daray X400LC LED Examination Light Ceiling Mounted','Daray X400LW LED Examination Light Wall Mounted','Daray X400LM LED Examination Light, Mobile Mounted','Optilube Active Sterile Lubricating Jelly with Local Anaesthetic and Antiseptic 1161 10 x 11ml Syringes ','Nytraguard Bluple Nitrile P.Free Examination Gloves Small (100) 9536','Daray X150LR Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Rail Clamp','Daray X200LR LED General Examination Lamp, Rail Clamp with plug-top PSU ','Daray X200LD LED General Examination Lamp, Desk Mounted with plug-top PSU','Daray X200LDS LED General Examination Lamp, Weighted Desk Stand with plug-top PSU ','Daray X200LM LED General Examination Lamp on Mobile Castor Base with plug-top PSU ','Daray X100LM LED Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Mobile Castor Base','Masterchef All Blue HSE Dressings Medium 12 x 12cm','Masterchef All Blue HSE Dressings 18 x 18cm','Spirigel Complete Hand Sanitiser 800ml Pouch 3056230','Seraman Sensitive Cleansing Wash 800ml Pouch 3029150','Seraman Sensitive Cleansing Wash 1Lt 3029130','Silonda Sensitive Hand Moisturiser 500ml 3029090','Ecolab Healthcare Brightwell Wall Dispenser 700090','Marlux Antibacterial Disposable Curtain 3.6mt Wide x 1.95mt Drop','Bedfont D Pieces, Disposable (12) 1420015/2','Ansell Dispos-A-Glove Non Sterile, Medium 1 x 100 S3047','Ansell Dispos-A-Glove Non Sterile, Large 1 x 100 S3067 ','Dispos-A-Glove Sterile, Medium (100) MDG701','Dispos-A-Gloves Sterile, Large (100) MDG801','Daray X100LDS LED Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Weighted Desk Stand','Evolution PCV First Aid Kit','Religrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage Size F (1 Metre) Ref 476','Sofia First Aid Metal Wall Cabinet White (40cm(h) x 30cm(w) x 14cm(d) REF214','Your First Aider Is Sign 29.7cm x 20.9cm (ref 1213)','Premier BS-8599-1 Compliant Workplace First Aid Kit, Small (8599PR-S)','Religrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage Size E (1 Metre) Ref 475','Calico Sterile Triangular Bandage 90cm x 127cm Ref 414','1889 Cederroth Triangular Bandages x 2 with 6 Safety Pins','Rebreath Mouth to Mouth Resus Face Shield with Valve (Ref 850)','Revive-Aid Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Device (Ref 30REVA01)','Medium No8 Dressing (Ref 311)','Reliwow White Open Wove Bandages 7.5cm x 5mt (12) Ref 423','Burnshield Emergency Burn Care (10 x 3.5ml) Sachets','Reliburn 5cm x 15cm Gel Dressing Ref 393','Masterchef Blue Triangular Bandage 90cm x 127cm','Eye Wash Belt Pouch Including 5 Eye Irrigation Pods','ProSpec Thread Retriever (5) F.300.90/5','Cederroth Salvequick Plastic Plaster Refill (6 x 40) 6036CAP','Evolution Burns Kit','Emergency Burn Kit','Burns First Aid Kit (Ref 142)','Reliburn 10cm x 10cm Gel Dressing Ref 394 ','Burnshield Hydrogel 50ml BD90828','BurnAid Burn Dressing 55cm x 40cm BD55','Reliwow White Open Wove Bandages 2.5cm x 5mt (12) Ref 421','Steri-Strip Skin Closures 6 x 75mm (50 x 5 strips) R1541','Steroplast Wound Closure Strips 6mm x 75mm (6 Strips) ref 6815','Steroplast Wound Closure Strips 6 x 75mm (10 Strips of 3) Ref 7859','Wound Closure Strips 3mm x 75mm (50 Strips of 5)','Leukostrip Skin Closures 6.4mm x 76mm (10 x 3 Strips) 66002952','Spirit Pen Torch Reusable Green 95.03.170G','Vinyl Powder Free Examination Gloves Large (1 x 100)','Dermapak Original DMK01/S (25)','Spirit Pen Torch Reusable Black 95.03.170BLACK','Steroplast Wound Dressing Pads 5.0 x 5.0cm (5) 3006FC','Sterochef Blue Detectable Fingertip Plasters (50) 5912/PH ','Steroplast 4 Large Plasters (6810/BE)','Sterile Eye Wash 250ml 2144','Gallipot 60ml Sterile, Single-Use (Pack of 200) 7581','BSI Travel Kit-Bum Bag T1','Pelican Sponge Holder Sterile Disposable (400300 / 400302)','Rocialle Bronze Minor Surgery Pack RSET5003 (Each)','C52 Paediatric Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter','Triangular Bandage Non-Woven 90 x 90 x 127cm','Polycal High Energy Carbohydrate Supplement 200ml Orange','Premium Z-Fold White Paper Hand Towels 2Ply (3000 Sheets)','Mini-Wright Peak Flow Mouthpieces (Without Filter) Adult 1 x 500','Optilube Active Sterile Lubricating Jelly with Local Anaesthetic and Antiseptic 1160 10 x 6ml Syringes','Keeler Fibre Optic Otoscope 3.6v 1514-P-1144 (Rechargeable Handle)','Keeler Standard Otoscope 2.8v 1518-P-1001 Dry Cell Battery','Mini-Wright Peak Flowmeter EU Standard','Steroplast Childcare First Aid Kit (Ofsted Compliant) 8170','Steroplast 40 Piece First Aid Kit ( 8133)','Reliwipe Sterile Wound Cleansing Wipes (100) 745','Dressing Medium 12cm x 12cm','Finger Dressing 3.5 x 3.5cm 30BDFD35','Melolin Low-Adherent Absorbent Sterile Dressings (Three size options)','Metal First Aid Wall Cabinet 35cm x 45cm x 15cm (Empty)','103B Reclining Phlebotomy Chair (Plinth 2000)','Travel First Aid Kit BS-85991 Compliant in a Plastic Grip Seal Bag','HSE 20 Person First Aid Kit in an Aluminium Box F892','Daray BH50 LED Wall Mounted Bed Head-Reading Light','Aprons Premier Disposable Polythene on a Roll 16micron 27 x 46\" (200) PM2820','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Medium Powder Free Non Sterile (10 x 100) ','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Large Powder Free Non Sterile (10 x 100) ','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Extra Large Powder Free Non Sterile (100) G823781739','Uniglove Vinyl Examination Gloves Extra Large (1 x 100)','Vinyl Powder Free Examination Gloves Small (1 x 100) 825781033','Vinyl Powder Free Examination Gloves Medium (1 x 100) 825781035','Mepilex Heel 1x5 ','Relichef Blue Tape 2.5cm x 5mt Ref 611','Sterochef Blue Detectable Assorted Plasters (100) 5638S/PH','Spirit Pen Torch Reuable Yellow 95.03.170YELLOW','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Medium (180) F.300.02OUTER','ActivHeal Alginate Dressings 1 x 10','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Extra Small Powder Free Non Sterile (10 x 100) ','Europlast Blue Detectable Plaster Tape 2.5cm x 5mt','Cederroth Salvequick Detectable Plaster Refill (6 x 35) 673CAP','Rocialle IUCD Fitting Kit With Uterine Sound RSET5002','Cotton Wool Roll BP 500G','MicroLoop Spirometer with Additional Spirometry PC Software','Interfold Paper Hand Towels Blue (3600 Sheets) 1Ply FBT36001','Keeler Standard Otoscope 3.6V 1518-P-1002 Lithium Rechargeable','Milton 2 Sterilising Fluid 1 x 500ml','Keeler Rechargeable 3.6v Practitioner Desk Set 1729-P-1028','Kai Disposable Dermal Curette 1 x 20 (Five sizes available)','RH2 Vehicle First Aid Kit (F433)','Instramed Minor Surgery Pack Extra 5051','Vicryl Coated Suture W9025 1 x 12','Dressing Towels Sterile 2 ply 43 x 38cm (40) 28387','Allevyn Adhesive Dressings (10) Five sizes available','Hema-Combistix 1 x 50 2877 (06562467)','Keeler Standard 2.8v Ophalmoscope Bulbs 1011-P-7106','M-Pulse Paediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter','Washing-up Liquid , Unscented 1 x 5Lt ','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Medium (20) F.300.02','Accoson Ambidex Single Tube Velcro BP Cuffs','Welch Allyn Opthalmoscope Bulb 04900-U 3.5V','Sunflower Five Panel Hospital Curtained Folding Ward Screen','Cutan 1000 Green Antibacterial Soap CGE39K 1Litre','Cutan Foaming Soap CUF39P 1Litre','Accoson SIX00 Aneroid Wall Model 0642A','Accoson SIX00 Aneroid Stand Model 0662A','Accoson Pocket Aneroid Blood Pressure Machine 0312A','Accoson Aneroid 6\" Stand Model Sphygmomanometer','BD Venflon IV Cannula Blue 22G with Injection Port 391451',' AW Select Ward Screen 4 Section (Blue, Green or White)','Keeler Vista Ophthalmoscope Bulb 3.6v 1011-P-7034 1 x 2','Keeler Specula ReUsable (Five sizes available)','PELIspec Light Source Leads 400210 (pack of 5)','PELIspec with Light Source Starter Pack 400200','Philips Child Smart Pad Cartridge for HS1 Heartstart Defibrillator (M5072A)','BD Venflon IV Cannula Green 18g with Injection Port 391453','BD Venflon IV Cannula Pink with Injection Port 20g 391452','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD010 (335x270x300mm)','PELIspec Light Source Battery Pack 400220','Siemens Labstix Reagent Strips 1 x 100 2810 (08259974)','PELIspec with Light Source Medium 400206 (pack of 5)','Keeler Generic Otoscope Tips 3.5mm ','Sterisets Newcastle Urine Collection Pack Paediatric 310019','Seca 711 Mechanical Column Scale With Eye Level Beam','Prolene Suture W8021T 1 x 24','92830 Welch Allyn Pocketscope Diagnostic Set ','Instrapac Cusco Vaginal Speculum 1 x 40','Instrapac 7833 Winterton Vaginal Speculum 1 x 20','Instrapac Currie Uterine Scissor 20cm 7877 1 x 20','Philips Heartstart HS1/FRx Replacement Defibrillator Battery (M5070A)','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No11, 0203 1 x 100','Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 150mm x 95mm 3\" Core 2 ply (12rolls) WTL951502','AW Select Phlebotomy Chair with Two Arm Rests','Seca 745 Mechanical scale with sliding weights and shaped tray','Spirit Tuning Forks ','Instrapac 7956 Sims Vaginal Speculum 1 x 20','Instrapac Plastics Pack 8011 (40 Packs)','11750-VBI Welch Allynp Professional Ophthalmoscope with C Cell Handle in a Hard Case','Vitalograph Thermal Paper Rolls X 5 44058','Medix World Traveller Nebuliser','Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Sterile Large 40 x 5 (28170)','Kai BiopsiBlade 1 x 20','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No15, 0205 1 x 100','Instrapac 7939 Medium Probe (50)','Swann- Morton Stitch Cutter Blades Long 1 x 100','AW Kickabout Bowl','Sunflower Vista 10 Economy Multi Purpose Trolley','Tubinette Plain Viscose Stockinette B.P. (Lightweight) 20mt ','Instramed Sterile Disposable Volkmann Spoons','Monocryl Suture W3204 1 x 12','Instrapac 7404 Vaginal/Catheterisation Pack (20 Packs)','Check-Mate Pregnancy Test Strips ( 20) HCG110','Instrapac 8133 Periosteal Elevator No.1 (10)','Instrapac Coupland Elevators (10) Three Sizes Available','AzoWipes 1 x 200 Hard Surface Wipes (81103)','Kai Disposable Biopsy Punches 1 x 20 (available in nine sizes)','Instrapac Perineal Suture Pack 8104','Instrapac Extracting Forceps No 39 Childs Upper Molars 8114 (10 pair)','7586 Instrapac Polypropylene Bowl 500ml 1 x 40','Spirit Duoscope Stethoscope ','Littmann Select Nurses Stethoscope Burgundy L2293','Instrapac 8134 Tongue & Cheek Retractor (10)','Instrapac 8118, Extracting Forceps No.86 Adult Lower Molars (Cowhorn)','Instrapac Extracting Forceps No.94 Adult Upper Molars Right','Hellige ECG Paper Z Fold 210x295mm(For MAC 1200) 10x 150 sheets','Instrapac 8117 Extracting Forceps No.74N Adult Small Lower Roots & Crowded Incisors (10 Pair)','Instrapac Thudicum Nasal Speculum (40)','Moeltgen Goniometer','Guardian Disposable PVC Resuscitators (Adult, Child or Infant)','Purell Hand Sanitiser 350ml Pump Action 9665-12-EEU00.','Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser Plastic Wall Dispenser ','Instrapac Simms Uterine Sound 32cm (7958) 1 x 20 ','Purell Hand Sanitiser Gel 1000ml Refill 2156-08 (For Use in the Purell NXT Dispenser)','Purell Hand Sanitiser 118ml 9651-24-EEU00.','Softalind Hand Rub 500ml 19086','Heine Disposable Otoscope Specula 4mm Grey','Instrapac 7946 Durbin Standard IUD Pack Plus','Virkon Disinfectant 500g Shaker','Instrapac Standard Suture Pack 7883 1 x 40 ','Instrapac 7987 Hunter Splinter Forceps 11cm (50 pair)','Mersilk Suture W321H 1 x 36','Spot Plasters, Washproof (100) 86928','Coverplast Barrier Plasters, Waterproof 1 x 100','Martin Vigorimeter','National Hospital Percussor Nylon Handle','Buck Telescopic Percussor with pin and brush ends','Taylor Model Percussor ','Wartenberg Pin Wheel Percussor','A&D Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Large (Obese) ','25274-MS Welch Allyn MacroView Otoscope with Lithiun Ion Handle in a Hard Case','Coverplast Classic Fabric Plasters (Various Sizes Available)','97150-BI Welch Allyn Professional Daignostic Set C Cell Handle in a Hard Case','Microplast Childrens Plasters 1 x 100','97200-BI Welch Allyn Elite Coaxial Daignostic Set C Cell Handle in a Hard Case','Accoson Velcro Sphyg Cuffs with Double Tube Inflation Bags','Rocialle National Suture Removal Pack RML103-129','Tubegauz Lightweight Plain Cotton Stockinette B.P. 20mt (Four Sizes Available)','Microplast Fabric Plasters 7.5 x 2.5cm 1 x 100','Fast Aid Fabric Plasters 2.2 x 3.8cm 1 x 150','MEDIcheck HCG Pregnancy Tests (Cassette and Pipette) 1 x 24 8615A','Instrapac Iris Set 7845 (50 Packs)','Alere hCG Casette Pregnancy Tests (Previously Clearview HCG) 20 Tests','Instramed Skin Biopsy Pack 6060','Instrapac 7979 Minor Operations Pack','Instrapac Adson Suture Packs 7846 1 x 40','White Couch Rolls 500mm x 50m 1 x 9 rolls','Compact Woods UV Light','Instrapac 8033 Dental Probes, 90 Degree Angle (40)','Savlon Disinfectant Orange 1 x 750ml','Med 1 GP Case ','Nebulair Hi-Flow Nebuliser Complete','Instramed Standard Suture Pack 5030','Instramed Sterile Disposable Dressing Scissor Blunt/Blunt S42-7187','Daray X210L LED Wall Mounted Examination Light (IEC Plug)','Seca 435 Trolley for Baby Scales','Sunflower Gas Lift Chair with Foot Ring','Instrapac IUD Procedure Packs 7852','Mersilk Suture W2511T 1 X 24','Micropore Surgical Tape ','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Virgin (20) F.300.00','Collin Dynamometer','KY Lubricating Jelly Sterile Tube 1 x 82gm 82335285E','Seca 764 High Capacity BMI Station (Consists of Scales Measuring Rod and BMI Calculator)','Heine ClipLite','Vitalograph SafeTway Mouthpieces Adult Disposable with Filter 20242 (200)','Keeler Generic Otoscope Tips 4.5mm ','Clinitek Thermal Printer Paper Rolls 1 x5 8727986','A&D Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Adult ','Sunflower Alberti Resting Couch ','Keeler Rechargeable 3.6v Practitioner Fibre Optic Desk Set 1729-P-1030','Fresh-Ups Moist Wipes Citrus Lemon 1 x 20','Alcotip Pre Injection Swabs UNG602 ','Keeler Pocket Ophthalmoscope Bulb 1011-P-7050 (Pack of 2)','Keeler Dispos-A-Spec 1964-P-2000','11824-VSM Welch Allyn Pan Optic Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt Blue Aperture, Lithium Ion Handle and Hard Case','Sunflower Four Panel Mobile Folding Screen','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDF0210 Benchtop Model 66 Litre Capacity','Siemens Albustix 1 x 50 2872A (02614217)','Siemens Multistix 8 SG Reagent Sticks 1 x 100 2304 (04200746)','25090-MBI Welch Allyn Prestige Otoscope Set with C Cell Handle in a Hard Case','25090-BI Welch Allyn 3.5v Fibre Optic Otoscope with C Cell Handle in a Hard Case','Omron 907 Standard Adult Blue Cuff 22cm - 32cm','A&D Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Small ','Sempercare Sterile Nitrile Powder Free Medium Examination Gloves (50 pairs) G826753727','Sempercare Sterile Nitrile Powder Free Large Examination Gloves (50 pairs) G826753827','Winchester Fixed Height Couch by Doherty','Sunflower Colenso Examination Couch','Piccolight E50 Ophthalmoscope','Accoson Sphygmomanometer Tubing Connectors 1505 1 pair','Omron Comfort Cuff','Accoson Sphygmomanometer Inflation Bulb and Control Valve 1502','Keeler Lithium-ion Mini Charger 1941-P-1341','Econo-Test 8 Reagent Test Strips ','Siemens Multistix GP Reagent Strips 1 x 25 2283 (04624902)','Econo-Test 10 Reagent Strips 1 x 100 ','Accu-Check Accutrend Cholesterol Strips (1 x 25) 05213312160','Keeler Reusable Specula Set of 5 1599-P-7229','Boso Clinicus Aneroid Sphygmomanometer','Hypodermic Needle Disposable Sterile 23g x 25mm 1 x 100','Combur 7 Test Strips 1 x 100 11008552','Omron M6 Blood Pressure Machine ','Marlett Fixed Height Couch with Multi-Drawer & Cupboard','Battery Alkaline 9 volt','Unistik 3 Extra Safety Lancets 21G/1.8mm (100) AT1012','Unistik 3 Comfort Safety Lancets 28g 1.8mm (100) AT1042','Intermedical CO Monitor Mouth Pieces (200) 881001','Braun Thermoscan IRT4520 Ear Thermometer','Elemental Cautery Handi Light-Duty Model 09-305','Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope 2.8V 1126-P-1005 with Dry Cell Battery Handle','Welch Allyn Rechargeable Battery 3.5v 72300','AW Select Ward Screen with Three Panels','Medispec Sterile Cusco Vaginal Speculum 1 x 100','Welch Allyn Rechargeable Battery 3.5v 72200','Keeler Generic Otoscope Tips 2.5mm','Welch Allyn Opthalmoscope Bulb 03000-U','Welch Allyn Replacement Bulb 04430-U','Welch Allyn Otoscpe Bulb 03400-U 2.5v','Bactericidal Soap 2 x 5Lt ','Vitalograph Single Use Resus Bag (Infant, Child or Adult)','Daray V406 Paediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter (Blue or Pink)','Daray V408 Finger Pulse Oximeter','Merlin E-Mask CPR Facemask ','Vitalograph Resuscitation Outfit 24300','11772-BI Welch Allyn 3.5v Coaxial Ophthalmoscope with C Cell Handle in Hard Case','Sunflower Venus Visitor Seat with Arms','Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set 3.6v 1729-P-1023','Keeler Practitioner Fibre Optic Cord Unit Wall Set 1964-P-2004','Pasante Mixed Flavour Condoms Clinic Pack (Pack of 144) 1070','Instrapac 7838 Dental Cartridge Syringe 2.2ml (20)','Keeler Practitioner Vista Fibre Optic Otoscope Bulb 3.6v 1015-P-7058 1 x 2','Instramed Sterile Disposable Forceps Spencer Wells ','Instrapac 7905 Lister Sinus Forcep & Silver Probe with Eye (50)','Instrapac 7897 T/O/E Forcep 1 x 50','Instrapac Teale Vulsellum Forcep 4:3Teeth 23cm 7957 (20 pair)','Instrapac Extracting Forceps No 138 Child Upper & Roots 8112 (10 Pair)','C-Fold Paper Hand Towels Supersoft White (2400) 2Ply CWT24002','Thermal Printer Paper 5 Rolls (Suitable for Microlab)','Instrapac 8140 Dental Conservation Pack','Instrapac Cusco Vaginal Speculum Medium Long 1 x 40 7843','Piccolight C Diagnostic Set ','Mersilk Suture W501H 1 x 36','Monocryl Suture W3206 1 x 12','PELIspec Sims Speculum Medium ','PELIspec Speculum with Smoke Extractor (20) Three Sizes Available','Instrapac Vasectomy Forceps Sharp 16cm (20 pair)','U-Bag Urine Collector Paediatric Single Specimen 7531','Unilect Snap-Clips 1 x 10','Seca Baby Scale 384','Piccolight E56 Diagnostic Set','Piccolight E56 Ophthalmoscope','AW Provita Theatre Op Infusion Stand','Conmed Hyfrecator Electrolase Tips Blunt Non Sterile 1 x 100 BH/7-101-12','Instrapac Rampley Sponge Holder (20 Pair)','Merlin Stethoscope Dual Headed ','Spirit Pen Torch Reusable Light Blue 95.03.170L.BLUE','Instrapac Flat Plastic Filling Instrument, Double Ended ','MEDIcheck Pregnancy Test Strip Dip and Read (50) 862A','Martin ML301 Minor Surgery Lamp','Instrapac Delivery Pack 7821 (20 Packs)','Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set 2.8v 1729-P-1019','Instrapac 7964 Formby Cerumen Hook & Scoop 14cm (20)','Tubula Elasticated Tubular Bandage 10mt (Seven Sizes Available)','Ambu Blue Sensor SUPAtab Electrodes SU-00-C/100 1 x 100','ComfiKit Premium IUCD Fitting Kit','Rocialle Gallipot Sterile 120ml RML108-120','Instrapac 8084 Podiatry Pack Basic with Straight Barrel Roller Spring Nail Cutter (20 Packs)','Pinard Foetal Stethoscopes','Swann-Morton Stitch Cutter Standard , 0420 (100)','Gauze Swab BP 7.5 x 7.5cm Non Sterile 8 ply (100)','Rocialle Sterile Supersnip Scissors Sharp/Sharp (15 Pair) RML155-405','Guardian Spirit GP Stethoscope Adult ','Keeler Practitioner Cord Unit Wall Set 1964-P-2002','Instrapac 7891 Cusco Vaginal Speculum Medium 1 x 40 ','Keeler 3.6v Lithium Battery EP39-18918','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDF0110 Benchtop Model 36 Litre Capacity','AW Provita Standard Infusion Stand','Kawe Piccolight Otoscope Specula (pack of 100) 2.5mm or 4mm','Keeler Standard Diagnostic Set 3.6v 1729-P-1022','Keeler Pocket Diagnostic Set 2.8v 1702-P-1037','Keeler Standard Diagnostic Set 2.8v 1729-P-1018','Keeler Generic Otoscope Tips 5.5mm ','Keeler Standard Corded Unit Wall Set 1964-P-2003','Claripore Surgical Tape 2.5cm x 9.1mt (12 rolls) ','Aquagel Lubricating Jelly Sterile Sachets 150 x 5gm 3037710','Conmed Hyfrecator Model 2000 BH-7-900','Sunflower Gas Lift Stool with Foot Ring','Transpore Surgical Tape 2.5cm x 9.1mt 1 x 12 rolls','Instrapac 7994 Mayo Needle Holder 15cm (20 Pair)','Mefix Adhesive Fabric Tape','Hydrex Chlorhexadine Pink 600ml','Steri-Strip R1540 Skin Closures 3 x 75mm (50 x 5 strips) ','Instrapac 7970 St Barts Wax Hook Blunt 17cm (40)','Instrapac Halsey Needle Holder 13cm (50 pair)','Sunflower Gas Lift Stool','Scanpor Surgical Tape 2.5cm x 5mt 1 x roll','Hydrex Surgical Scrub 500ml (3037170)','Clinipore Surgical Tape 1.25cm x 5mt AT3004/B','Finepore Surgical Tape 2.5cm x 9.1m 1 x 12 rolls 5005','Select Infusion Stand ','Conmed Hyfrecator Mobile Pedestal Stand ','Sunflower Dressing Trolley with Three Glass Effect Safety Trays','Sunflower Dressing Trolley with Two Glass Effect Safety Trays','Instrapac 7784 Podiatry Debridement Pack (20 Packs)','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissor Mayo Straight 17cm ','Instrapac 8027 Dressing Scissors Polypropylene Handled 13cm (50 Pair)','Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 FSB Model BH-7-900-FSB','Conmed Hyfrecator Electrolase Tips Non-Sterile Sharp 1 x 100 BH/7-100-12','Sunflower Vista 15 Medical Trolleys','Rocialle Staple Clip Remover RML255-008','AW Select Basin Holder','Instramed Minor Surgery Pack Standard 5050','3M Littmann Classic II S.E.Stethoscope (11 Colour Options)','Pelican Vulsellum Forceps','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDF1010 Free Standing Model 300 Litre Capacity ','Instrapac Minor Surgery Pack 7875 1 x 20','Instrapac 7885 Fine Suture Pack 1 x 40 ','Instrapac 8032 Martin Splinter Forceps 11cm (50 pair)','Instrapac 7884 Standard Suture Pack Plus 1 x 20 ','Instramed Sterile Halstead Mosquito Forcep Curved 12.5cm','Instrapac 7888 Halstead Straight Mosquito Forcep 12.5cm (50 pair)','Instrapac 7922 Lister Sinus Forcep 13cm (50 pair)','Instrapac 7832 Luer Vulsellum Forceps 23cm (20 Pair)','Instrapac Luer Vulsellum Forceps 7832 23cm 1 x 20','Keeler Pocket Ophthalmoscope 2.8v 1102-P-1041','Instrapac Magills Forceps (20)','Instrapac Adson Micro Fine Forceps (50 pair)','Presept Disinfectant Tablets 2.5g SPR25 1 x 100','Instrapac Hartmann Crocodile Forceps','Instrapac 7898 Iris Stitched Scissor (50 pair)','Milton 2 Sterilising Tablets 1 x 28','Instrapac Adson Forceps Toothed and Non-Toothed (50 pair)','Disposable Pen Torches','Instrapac 8035 Basic Podiatry Pack (20 packs)','Instrapac 7917 Toenail Scissors (50)','Rocialle Bronze Suture Packs RSET5006 (50 Packs)','Instramed Super Extra Suture Pack 5035','Instramed Sterile Halstead Mosquito Forcep Straight 12.5cm','Instrapac 7972 Trousseau Bowlby Tracheal Dilating Forceps (50 pair)','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissor Mayo Curved 17cm ','Instrapac Dressing Scissor Sharp/Blunt 7912 (50 Pair) ','DeVilbiss Compact 5 Oxygen Concentrator','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissor Sharp/Sharp 6050','Instramed Sterile Dressing Scissor Sharp/Sharp 13cm S42-7185','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissor Sims Uterine Curved 20cm ','Instramed Sterile Disposable Tough Cut Scissor ','Daray X100LW LED Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Wall Mounted','Pelican Dilators 5/6mm (400345 / 400344)','Instramed Vaginal Examination Pack 5040','Instrapac 7976 Umbilical Cord Scissors (50 Pair)','Instrapac Kilner Needleholder 7895 (50 pair)','Pelican Long Handled Scissors 220mm (Two Pack Sizes Available)','Instrapac IUCD Pack 1 x 20 7842 ','Instrapac Vaginal Exam Pack 7402','Instramed IUCD Instrument Set S10-100','Pelican Uterine Sounds Sterile (400311 / 400310)','Instrapac 7402 Vaginal Examination Pack 1 x 20 ','Tuning Fork Gardiner Brown','Hydrex Hard Surface Trigger Spray 500ml 406597','Sterets Alcowipes 1009268 1 x 100','Instrapac Vaginal Examination Preparation Pack 7401 (20 Packs)','Instrapac 7848 IUD Hook 31cm 1 x 20 ','Instramed Implant Insertion Kit 5080','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No10a, 0202','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No10, 0201 (100)','Miltex BiopBlade 1 x 50','Littmann Lightweight II Nursing Stethoscope 2450 Black','Microplast Assorted Fabric Plasters 1 x 100','Model 93BH Hydraulic Phlebotomy Chair (Plinth 2000)','PELIspec with Light Source Medium Long 400208 (pack of 5)','Instramed Vasectomy Pack 8080','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blade No10A,Non-Strerile 1 x 100','Mersilk Sutures W2500T 1 x 24','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No20, 0206 1 x 100','Telescopic Queen Square Percussor 15/34cm extended','Caroll Goniometer','Pelican Tenaculum Forcep ','Instramed IUCD Fitting Pack 9050','Instrapac 7983 Standard IUD Pack (Hillingdon & Harrow) 20 Packs','PELIpack Removal and Fitting Pack Medium (1 x 4) 400351','Bic Razor Sensitive 1 x 10','Guardian Pocket Resuscitation Mask','Daray V409 Finger Pulse Oximeter','C-Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Plastic','Seca 222 Telescopic Measuring Rod','C-Fold Paper Hand Towels Green (2880) 1Ply CGT28801','Premier Height Measure','Seca Measuring Tape 206','Seca 201 Measuring Tape (Pack of 10)','Vitalograph Autoclaveable Resuscitation Bags (Infant, Child or Adult)','Disposable Surgical Prep Razor Single Edge 1 x 100','Instrapac Plain Delivery Pack 7978 (20 packs)','Instramed Implant Removal Kit 5081','Instrapac Delivery Pack 7914 (20 Packs)','Vicryl Rapide Coated Suture W9923 1 x 12','Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser 1Litre AWDCHS03','Floor and Wall Gel Lemon 1 x 5lt ','Cloth Tape Measure','Hypafix Dressing Retention Sheet 10mt Rolls','Monocryl Sutures W3548 1 x 12','Monocryl Suture W3205 1 x 12','Leather Ampoule Holder 4.05.111','Bollman Clear-View Ampoule Holder','Bollman Compact Ampoule Holder ','Resuscitation Face Shield Key Ring','Hypodermic Needles Disposable Sterile 23g x 1 1/4\"','Hypodermic Needle Disposable Sterile 21g x 40mm 1 x 100','Hypodermic Needle Disposable Sterile 25g x 25mm 1 x 100','Conmed Hyfrecator Electrolase Blunt Tips Sterile 1 x 50 BH/7-101-8','Heine Otoscope Bulb 2.5v Suitable For Mini 2000 Otoscope X-001.88.056','Emergency Sterile Eye Wash Bottle 1 x 500ml','Sempercare Latex Sterile Examination Gloves Small Powder Free (40 Pair) G826759627','Fridge Thermometer Max/Min with Probe','BSI Standard First Aid Kit Refill Medium','Care Fusion Micro CO Monitor','CO Monitor Cardboard Mouthpieces','Spirigel Complete Alcohol Hand Gel 500ml 3055090','Seca 709 Mechanical Column Scale','Seca 217 Mobile Height Measure (Stadiometer)','M-Pulse Pulse Oximeter','Microlance Single Use Needle 30g x 0.5mm 304000 1 x 100','Hypodermic Needle Disposable Sterile 19g x 40mm 1 x 100','Seca 861 Robust Digital Flat Scale Class III','Seca 761 Flat Scale CE Class IIII approved','Seca 213 Portable Height Measure(Stadiometer)','Hypodermic Needles Disposable Sterile 25g x 5/8\"','Hypodermic Syringe Sterile Luer Slip - without needle','Conmed Hyfrecator Pencil Sheaths Non-Sterile 1 x 100 BH/7-796-18','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD015 (335x270x550mm)','Sunflower Five Panel Mobile Folding Screen','Sunflower Three Panel Curtained Folding Screen','Seca Flat Scale 875 Electronic Class III','Conmed Hyfrecator Pencil Sheath Sterile 1 x 25 BH/7-796-19','Seca 877 Flat Scale with Integrated Display Class III','Siemens Multistix 10 SG Reagent Sticks (2300) 1 x 100 (03536597)','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No22, 0208 1 x 100','Seca 862 Digital Flat Scale with Cable Remote Class III','Pelican Proctoscopes Sterile Medium 400380 1 x 25 ','Sterican Hypodermic Dental Needle 27g x 1.5\" 9186182 (100)','Eye Wash Pods Sterile 25 x 20 ml','Instrapac 7809 Ball Burnisher, Double Ended (40)','BSI Standard First Aid Kit Small','Noots Aluminium Ear Tank ','Chelmed Noots Ear Tanks Disposable Pulp (100) ENT-D-004','ECG Electrode Gel 1 x 260g','Seca ECG Paper CT486Z A4 For Seca CT6','Unilect Resting ECG Electrode Biotabs 0715M 1 x 500','Seca ECG Paper CT463Z Z Fold For CT3000','Seca ECG Paper 480Z, For Seca CT8000i','Seca ECG Paper CT463R Rolls For Seca CT3000/CT80','Propulse ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoop (50) INS0028 ','Propulse Jet Tips Disposable(For Propulse II and III Only) KIT1001','Eye Test Chart 3M','Presept Disinfection Granules SPG500 1 x 500g SPG500','Sterile Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm, 8ply (50 x 5) 28789','BSI Standard First Aid Kit Medium','Seca 264 Stadiometer Wall Mounting (Wireless and Network Capable)','LiquiBand Skin Tissue Adhesive 10 x 0.5gm LB0002','Instrapac 7889 Halstead Curved Mosquito Forcep (50 Pair)','Disposable Pillow Cases Non-Woven (1 x 50) PM2515','Zoff Sachets 1 x 20','Pillow Protector PVC 76 x 51cm','Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage 2.5cm x 4.5m 1 roll','Propulse NG Replacement Foot Switch KIT1002','Propulse Cleaning and Disinfecting Tablets (200) CL0001','Disposable Pen Torch with Cobalt Blue Filter 1 x 3','Pen Torches Reusable ','Mersilk Suture W328H 1 x 36','Kendall Q-Trace Gold 5500 Resting ECG Electrodes 30807732 1 x 500','TS8105 Topper 8 Sterile Non Woven Fabric Swabs 10x10cm','BSI Standard Catering First Aid Kit Small','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Small Powder Free Non Sterile (100) G823781243 ','Skin Acne Model','Propulse NG Replacement Reservoir with Lid KIT4004','A.D.E.Foldable Ultrasonic Height Measure MZ10020','Heine Disposable Otoscope Specula 2.5mm Grey','Instrapac 7894 Iris Non-Toothed Forcep 10cm 1 x 50','Skin Hair and Nail Model','Propulse Head Lamp INS0014','Eye Test Chart 6M ','Skin Cancer Model','Keeler Standard 3.6v Standard Otoscope Bulbs 1015-P-7023','Sidhil Purley Fixed Height Couch COU31','AW Select Verona 2020 Examination Couch','Instrapac 7837 Trocar and Cannula 13cm (20)','Instrapac 8018 Wards Carver No.2 (40)','Instrapac Spencer Wells Forceps ','Seca CT8000P Interpretive ECG A4 Presentation','Care Fusion Smoke Check','Stiefel Disposable Ring Curettes 1 x 10 (Two sizes available)','Sunflower Four Panel Hospital Curtained Ward Screen','Surgical Skin Marker Pens 1 x 5','Instrapac Tilley Aural Forcep 14cm 7952 (20 Pair) ','Instrapac McIndoe Forceps 15cm 1 x 20 ','Instrapac Allis Tissue Forceps (20 Pair)','Instrapac Treves Toothed Forceps 7896 (50 pair)','Seca CT8000L Interpretive ECG A4 Presentation','Minor Surgical System 5060','Keeler Vista 2.8v Ophthalmoscope Bulb 1011-P-7042','Ambu Blue Sensor Tab Electrodes 2300 5 x 100','Seca ECG CT6I Interpretive A4 Presentation','ECG Alligator Adaptors 1 x 10','Keeler 3.6v Standard / Practitioner Ophthalmoscope bulbs 1011-P-7114','ECG Press-Stud Adaptors (10) 63090236','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD020 (500x300x550mm)','Instrapac Cryers Elevators (10) Three Choices Available','Seca CT8000i Interpretive ECG A4 Presentation','Body Fluid Spill Pak Blood and Blood Stained body fluids H8617','Propulse Mushroom valves and Washer Pack (5) KIT1006','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD025 (500x300x850mm)','Instrapac 7805 College Forceps (40 pair)','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD030 (500x450x850mm)','Controlled Drug Cabinet CD005 (210x270x300mm)','ActivHeal Non-Adhesive Foam Dressings','Opsite Flexifix 5cm x 1mt (single roll) 66000569','Cavilon Spray 28ml','Eye Pad Sterile No 16 with Bandage','Zetuvit E Non-Sterile Absorbent Wound Dressings','Medipore + Pad Adhesive Dressings','Seca CT3000i Interpretive ECG Machine','Propulse NG Ear Irrigator KIT4001 (Trade In Your Old Propulse Unit and Receive 2 Free Boxes of Pro Tect Capes)','ActivHeal Hydrocolloid Foam Backed Dressings 1 x 10','ProTect Propulse Waterproof Shoulder Capes (Box of 36) KIT1012','Instrapac Dressing Scissors 13cm (50 Pairs)','Propulse QrX Single Use Jet Tips KIT4002 1 x 100 (For use with the Propulse NG Unit)','Tegaderm Film Dressings','Aprons Disposable Flat Pack 1 x 100 ','Instramed Super Surgery Pack 5052 ','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissors Sharp/Blunt 6051','Instrapac Iris Stitched Scissor Curved 4.5\" 7948 1 x 50','Seca Baby Measuring Mat 210','Ichthopaste (Zinc Paste and Ichthamol) Bandage 7.5cm x 6mt','Aprons Disposable Flat Pack Blue 1 x 100','AW Premier Arm and Leg Rest','Primapore Adhesive Wound Dressings','Neurotips (1 x 100) NT5405','ActivHeal Foam Adhesive Dressings 1 x 10','Instrapac Mayo Scissors','Instrapac Warwick-James Elevators','Instrapac 8120 Extracting Forceps No.95 Adult Upper Molars Left','Ansell Dispos-A-Glove Non Sterile, Small 1 x 100 S3027','Instrapac Debridement Pack 7822 ( 20 Packs)','Bollman Progress Case','Instrapac 7849 Strabismus Scissors 11.5cm (50 Pair)','Instrapac Lister Bandage Scissors (40 Pair)','Bollman Alternative Case ','Instrapac 8028 Podiatry Assistants Pack with Straight Barrel Spring Nail Cutter (20 Packs)','Instrapac 7887 Scissors Polypropylene Handled (50 Pair)','AW Suction Pump','Opsite Plus Adhesive Film Dressings (Three Sizes Available)','Dressing Towels Sterile 43 x 38cm (175) 7582','Aquacel Sterile Dressings (Three Size Options)','Allevyn AG Non-Adhesive Dressings 1 x 10','Mepore Ultra Dressings','Bollman Piccola Case Large','Rocialle Sterile Disposable Scissor 11.5cm Sharp/Sharp (25 pair) RML155-001','Instrapac Hegar Dilators 1 x 20','Instrapac 7932 Beaver Mini Blade Handles (50)','Instrapac 8029 Nail Cutter Roller Spring 14cm (20 Pair)','Instrapac 7829 Thwaites Nail Splitter 14cm (20)','Instrapac 7925 Nail Surgery Pack (20)','Instrapac 7841 Podiatry Basic Pack, Non-Sterile (20 Packs)','Instrapac Nail Elevator 7933 1 x 50','Duoderm Extra Thin Dressings','Mepitel Wound Contact Dressing 1 x 5','Melolin Adhesive Dressing 6cm x 8.3cm 1 x 5','Mepilex Soft Silicone Dressings 1 x 5','Allevyn Gentle Border Dressings 1 x 10','Mepilex Border Dressings 1 x 5 ','Allevyn AG Adhesive Dressings','Cosmopor E Sterile Adhesive Dressing ','Bollman Practicus Case','Heine XXL Blood Pressure Cuffs ','Omron Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff Grey ','Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing (Two sizes available)','Granuflex Bordered Dressing Sterile','Mepore Absorbent Dressings ','Keeler Fibre Optic Otoscope 2.8v Dry Cell Battery 1514-P-1136','1501-P-5197 Keeler Disposable Otoscope Specula 2.5mm (500)','Incontinence Disposable Bed Pads 40 x 60cm','Bleach Thick 5Lt','Cameo Waterproof Bedding Protector, Single Bed','Readi Continence Care Seat Pad Large','Daray X200LW LED General Examination Lamp, Wall Mounted with plug-top PSU','Kaltostat Alginate Wound Dressing 5cm x 5cm 1 x 10','Marlett Fixed Height Couch with Cupboard & Single Leg','Seca CT220 Bluetooth PC Based ECG Machine','Boso Blood Pressure Cuffs','Omron 907 Large Blue Cuff 32cm - 42cm ','Piccolight C Otoscope (Conventional) 2.5v Black','Waste Bags Black 15 x 28 x 39\" 50 per Roll','Sunflower 20Litre Medical Waste Bins','Daray HL560 LED Headlight ','Martin Aseptic Autoclaveable Nail Brush 54-100-01','Sunflower Venus Visitor Seat','OMS Blackcurrant Glycerin Swabsticks (25 x 3) 1116','Daray X100LR LED Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Rail Clamp','Martin ML301 Wall Mounted Operating Lamp','Ethilon Suture W1626T 1 x 24','Ethilon Suture Blue W319 (Pack Size 1 x 12)','Intersurgical Oxygen Mask with tubing Adult High Concentration 1102','AW Select Pony Stool','OMS Lemon Glycerin Oral Swabsticks (25 x 3) 1115','Ethilon Suture Blue W1620T 1 x 24','Allevyn Gentle Dressings 1 x 10','Mini-Wright Peak Flowmeter EU Standard Low Volume ','Optilube Lubricating Jelly 82g Tube 1122','Nebuliser Aerosol Kit and Child Face Mask L6004','Nebuliser Aerosol Kit and Adult Face Mask L6003','Ethilon Suture Black W1615T 1 x 24','Ethilon Suture W320 1 x 12','Ethilon Suture W1618T 1 x 24','Drug Tariff Dressing Pack Sterile Spec 10 1 x 12 29401','UltraTech PD1combi Doppler with 8Mhz Probe ','UltraTech PD1combi Doppler with 5Mhz Probe ','Allevyn Non Adhesive Dressing (Four size options)','Instramed Medium Dressing Pack 5022','ComfiSpec Vaginal Speculum 1 x 25','Welch Allyn Generic Otoscope Specula 4.25mm ','Traumacare Paediatric Oxygen Mask with Tubing (Non-Rebreathe) L2025','UltraTec PD1 Foetal Pocket Doppler','Securi Lube Oxygen Tubing 1.8mt with 7mm Connectors L2002','Ultratec PD1Combi Doppler 2 MHz','Philips Heartstart Replacement Battery for FR2 Defibrillator (M3863A)','Dressings Medium 12 x 12cm','Mefix Adhesive Fabric Tape 10cm x 10mt 1 x roll','Model 503CDT Podiatry Chair (Plinth 2000)','Opsite Spray Film Dressing 100ml ','UltraTech PD1+ Foetal Pocket Doppler with FHR display ','Mini-Wright Peak Flowmeter Paediatric Mouthpieces 1 x 40','Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpels No11, 0503 1 x 10','Clinell Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray 60ml (CHSS60)','Heine M3000 Combi Diagnostic Set in Hard Case with 2 Handles D-873.21.021','ActivHeal Hydrocolloid Dressings 1 x 10','Glamorgan Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley ','UltraTech PD1dwr Water Birth Foetal Doppler ','Vygon Surgical Scrub Brushes impregnated with Chlorhexadine (25) 902.00','Cryo Success Replacement Cartridge 23.5g','Amplivox 170 Automatic Audiometer','Keeler Practitioner Vista Fibre Optic Otoscope Bulb 2.8v 1015-P-7066 1 x 2','Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpels No15, 0505 1 x 10','Instrapac 7813 Dental Cavity Preparation Pack (40 Packs)','Instrapac 7814 Dental Perio Examination Pack (40 Packs)','Bollman Visita Case ','Dispos-A-Glove Sterile,Small (100) MGD601','Cervex Brush 1 x 50','Instrapac Volkmann Spoon Double Ended (20)','Instrapac 8121 Extracting Forceps No.29 Adult Upper Roots (10 pair)','Instrapac 8122 Extracting Forceps No 7 Adult Upper Roots & Bicuspids (10 pair)','Instrapac 8116 Extracting Forceps No.74 Adult Lower Roots (10 pair)','Instrapac 8110 Extracting Forceps No 161 Child Lower Molars (10 Pair)','Instrapac Extracting Forceps No 123 Child Lower & Roots (10 Pair)','Instrapac 7886 Fine Suture Pack Plus 1 x 20','Spirocal Spirometer Calibration Syringe 3Lt 1690000','Instrapac Extracting Forceps No 37 Childs Upper Incisors & Canines 8113 (10 Pair)','Instrapac 8115 Extracting Forceps No.73 Adult Lower Molars (Hawks Hill) 10 Pair','Instrapac 7812 Dental Examination Pack (40 Packs)','Instrapac Dermatology Surgical Procedure Pack 8014 (20 Packs)','Instrapac 7604 Foil Tray 19 x 12.5cm (50 Trays)','Kidney Dish, Disposable Pulp 10\" 700ml Capacity','ProSpec Disposable Proctoscope ','Proctoscope Disposable CA111 1 x 10','Caretex Vomit (General Purpose Bowl) Pulp 1 Litre','M-Pulse Lite Finger Pulse Oximeter ','Instrapac Burns Pack 8010 20 Packs','Vicryl Rapide Coated Suture W9918 1x 12','Spirolab Thermal Printer Paper 5 rolls','Vitalograph Disposable Nose Clips DNC 20303 (200)','Instraspec Vaginal Speculum (25)','Bollman Easy-care Case ','Vicryl Rapide Coated Suture W9932 1 x 12','Neuropen NT0100','DermLite II Fluid DE-L-147','AW Select Portable Treatment Table','Newcastle Urine Collection Packs Paediatric 310019 (Pack of 40)','Instramed Uterine Sound Dilator 3/4mm S42-8186','Swann-Morton Scalpel Blades Sterile No23, 0210 1 x 100','UltraTech Additional Probe 2Mhz, 5Mhz or 8Mhz','Drug Tariff Dressing Pack Sterile Spec 35 (1 x 12) 28860','Vitalograph Thermal Paper Rolls 5 66149','Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 FS Model BH-7-900-FS','Danicentre with Back Plate ICC555','AW Select Portable Treatment Table with Adjustable HeadRest','Heine Mini 3000 Direct Illumination Diagnostic Set with One Handle D-853.21.021','HiBi Liquid Hand Rub+ ','Steriseal Lacrimal Opthalmic Cannula 26g x 1.25\" (10) 1276','Rocialle Bronze Minor Surgery Pack RSET5003 (10 Packs)','K-Band Conforming Retention Bandage','Aprons Disposable White Polythene on a Roll 14micron (200)','Kaltostat Alginate Cavity Wound Dressing 2g 1 x 5','52432-U Welch Allyn 2.75mm Paediatric Disposable Otoscope Specula (850)','Mercury Spillage Kit H9512','Aquacel AG Dressings (Two size options)','Philips Adult Smart Pad Cartridge for Heartstart HS1 Defibrillator (M5071A)','Sharps Bin with Orange Lid (Community Plus) 1 Litre','Sharps Bin 2.5 Litre with Orange Lid ( Community Plus)','Body Fluid Spill Kit (urine and vomit) H8625','Cytotoxic Drug Spillage Kit H9612','Seca 231 Measuring Rod (For Use With Seca 717 Baby Scale)','Integra 10EZ High Output Oxygen Concentrator','Instramed Fine Extra Suture Pack 5033','DermLite Carry Case DE-L-100-C','DermLite II Pro High Resolution','Daray X100LD LED Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Desk Mounted','Heine 2.5v Otoscope Bulb Suitable for Heine M3000 X-001.88.110','ADE Wall Mounted Measuring Tape MZ10017','Seca 425 Carrying Case (For use with Seca 717 and 757 Baby Scales)','Seca 207 Measuring Rod','Plinth 2000 Model 503E 3 Section Plinth Electric 503E','Seca 414 Carrying Case (For use with Seca 376 Baby Scales)','Zoll AED Pro Defibrillator','Quik-Combo Defibrillator Pad','Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator','Philips Heartstart Pads Child For FR2 Defibrillator (M3870A)','Vicryl Coated Sutures W9820 1 x 12','Tongue Depressor Wooden 1 x 100 UN975','Welch Allyn Sure Temp Probe Covers 1 x 1000','Radiant Thermometer Probe Covers PC480 1 x 40','Conmed Hyfrecator Electrolase Tip Sharp Sterile 1 x 50 BH/7-100-8','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDF0510 Under Bench Model 150 Litre Capacity','Prolene Suture W8020T 1 x 24','Vicryl Coated Suture W9363 1 x 12','Digital Thermometer with Audible Alert','Finger and Toe Tourniquet','Prameta Orange Injection Tourniquet','Seca 416 Infantometer','Foil Emergency Thermal Blanket 39BDFB18','Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer','Vicryl Coated Suture W9026 1 x 12','Vicryl Coated Suture W9180 1 x 12','Vicryl Coated Suture W9074 1 x 12','Velket Velcro Tourniquet','Vicryl Coated Suture W9181 1 x 12','Prameta Grey Tourniquet','Prameta Green Tourniquet','Quick Release Tournaclip Tourniquet (Various Colours to choose from)','Qualtex Quick-Release Tourniquet','Vicryl Coated Suture W9951 1 x 12','Pull Tight Green Tourniquet','Guardian Disposable Pull Tight Tourniquet (10)','Sunflower Phlebotomy Chair ','Plinth 2000 Model 50E Heavy Duty Bariatric Electric Couch','Facial Tissue Man-size Interleaved MFT10024 1 x 24 boxes','Prameta 906 Tourniquet','Model 93BE Electric Phlebotomy Chair (Plinth 2000)','Plinth 2000 Model 502H 2 Section Hydraulic Plinth 502H','Philips Heartstart Smart Pads Adult Cartridge for FRx/FR3 Defibrillator (989803139261)','Seca 385 Portable baby / toddler scale','Merlin Disposable Resuscitator (Infant, Child or Adult)','Sunflower 50 Litre Medical Waste Bins','Pelican Thread Retriever 400560 (pack of 5)','Body Fluid Spill Pak H8721 (urine and vomit)','A.D.E.Baby Circumference Meter MZ10021','Sunflower Single Couch Step, Oval Sun-STP1','Instrapac CPTTN Probe (40)','Instrapac 7816 Periodontal Pocket Measure Probe (40)','Instrapac Spoon Excavator Double Ended (40)','Instrapac 7806 Dental Mirror No.4 (40)','Sunflower 70 Litre Waste Bins','Plinth 2000 Model 502E 2 Section Electric Plinth ','Instrapac 7810 Amalgam Condenser Double Ended (40)','Heine Mini-C Clip Lamp','Daray MAGW150 Woods Light','Spirometer Nose Clips (pack of 5)','Keeler Practitioner Ophthalmoscope 2.8v 1127-P-1005 with Dry Cell Battery Handle','Chrome Couch Step ','Blue Couch Rolls 500mm x 40mt 2 Ply (12 Rolls)','Pasante King Size Condoms (Pack of 144) 1095','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDG0510 Under Bench Model 150 Litre Capacity Glass Door','Instrapac Foil Bowl 500ml 7585 (90 Bowls)','Vitalograph Mini SafeTway Mouthpieces (50) 20980','Vitalograph (BVF) Bacterial Viral Filter 50 2820','Articare Instant Ice Pack','Intermedical Adult Disposable One Way Mouthpieces (200) 881002','Pasante Regular Condoms Clinic Pack (Pack of 144) 1010','Pelican Sponge Holders Sterile (400300/400302)','Martin Rydel Seiffer Tuning Fork ','Instrapac 7929 Tubegauz Applicators (40)','Emmett I.U.D Thread Retriever Sterile 1 x 5','AW Select ECG Trolley with Drawer','AW Select ECG Trolley with Sliding Shelf','Biogel Latex Surgeons Glove, Sterile, Size 6.5 (50 pairs) 96165','Kidney Dish Blue Polypropylene ','Labcold Portable Vaccine and Sample Carrier RPDF0012D','Pelican Coil Removers (Two Pack Sizes Available)','Pelispec Small Vaginal Speculum With Lock (25) ','Seca 704 Electronic Column Scale ','Seca 799 Electronic Scale with BMI Function','Optilube Lubricating Jelly Sachets 5gm (1 x 150) 1120','Instramed Sterile Disposable Scissor Iris Straight 11cm ','Instramed Mayo Scissor 17cm','Gallipot Sterile Disposable 60ml (each)','Instrapac 7906 Scalpel Handle No3 1 x 50','Instrapac 7950 Gillies Skin Hook Medium 1 x 20','Instrapac 8030 Suture Scissors Hook Point 11.5cm (50 Pair)','Steriseal Medical Wound Probe 125mm (1424)','Instrapac Jobson Horne Probe','Histofreezer Portable Cryosurgical System 5mm or 2mm','Sunflower Single Tier Couch Step, Rectangular Sun-STP3','PELIjelly 5g Lubricating Jelly Sachets (1 x 100) 400400 ','Sunflower Double Tier Couch Step, Oval Sun-STP2','Cotton Wool Absorbent Hospital Quality 1 x 500g','Cotton Wool Balls BP Quality Small 1 x 500 Balls 01955','Martin ML301 Mobile Operating Lamp','Mini-Cry-Ac Cryogun ','Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes Large (200) GCW200','IV Butterfly Winged Needle Green 21g','IV Butterfly Winged Needle Blue 23g','A & D Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor UA-767Plus','Omron M7 Blood Pressure Monitor','Boso Medicus Control Complete Sphygmomanometer 60.30.000','Omron 705IT Blood Pressure Monitor ','Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7221-E','Boso Classico Aneroid Sphygmomanometer','Accoson Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer','Boso Roid Aneroid Sphygmomanometer','A & D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor UA-787 Plus','Accoson Aneroid 6\" Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer ','Omron 907 Upper Arm BP Machine HEM-907-E','Boso Solid Aneroid Sphygmomanometer','Boso Profitest Aneroid Sphygmomanometer ','Cotton Buds 1 x 200','Lancing Device ','Inadine PVP-I Non-Adherent Dressing ( 5 x 5cm or 9.5 x 9.5cm)','Unistik 3 Normal Safety Lancets 23g/1.8mm (100) AT1002','Easifix Crinx Bandage BP ','Accoson Aneroid Duplex Blood Pressure Monitor 0322','Safety Blood Lancets 1 x 100 1','TM-2430 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor ','Batteries Alkaline AAA 1 x 4','Batteries Alkaline C 1 x 2','K-Four Multi Layer Compression Bandage Kit','AW Select Treatment Chair','BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set 21g 367282 1 x 50','Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Plus Lancing Devices (200) 3603539150','Accoson Aneroid 6\" Sphygmomanometer Desk Model with Velcro Cuff 0332','Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Large BP 1 x 250 (01960)','Glucogel 80g (Formerly Hypostop)','Seca 757 Electronic Baby Scale with Digital Display ','Seca 232 Measuring Rod (For Use With Seca 336 Baby Scales)','Seca 417 Paediatric Measuring Board','Instrapac 7975 Biopsy Packs (20) ','Batteries Alkaline D 1 x 2','Seca 418 Head and Foot Positioners (For Use With Seca 336 Baby Scales)','Amplivox 116 Screening Audiometer','Tensopress Compression Bandage (10)','Petzl Micro Headlamp','Aquagel Lubricating Jelly Sterile Tubes 82g 3037740','K- Lite Bandage Stretched (Four sizes available)','Guardian Disposable Tourniquet (10)','Swann Morton Scalpel Handle No3','Prameta Red Tourniquet ','AW Select Premier Hydraulic Minor Ops Chair','ComfiDilator Sterile Single Use (5)','Tubigrip Tubular Support Bandages Natural 1 x 10mt (Six sizes available)','Instramed Standard Extra Suture Pack 5031','Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpels No10, 0501 1 x 10','Religrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage Size D (1 Metre) Ref 474','Microplast Fabric Plasters 4 x 4cm','Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine Refrigerator RLDG1010 Free Standing Model 300 Litre Capacity Glass Door','Seca 413 Carrying Case (For use with Seca 384 and 385 Scales)','Batteries Alkaline AA 1 x 4','Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro Uno Lancing Devices (200) 588662150','Omron Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer MC-510-E2','Seca CT500 ECG Trolley','Select Treatment Trolley with Guard Lip Two Shelves and a Drawer ','Hospiform Elastic Conforming Bandage 6cm x 4mt (20)','Select Treatment Trolley with Removable Top Tray and Double Drawer ','Instramed IUCD Premium Fitting Pack 9070','Instramed IUCD Fitting Pack 9060 ','Blood Lancets Sterile (200) 1110101 ','Sunflower Vista 90 Action Station Trolley with Single Drawers','Daray X150L Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Wall Mount','Instrapac 7842 Standard IUD Packs 1 x20','Daray HL800 Head Light','Daray BSD100 Foetal Doppler','Welch Allyn Otoscope Bulb 03100-U','Daray X150LM Examination Light with Flexible Arm, Mobile Castor Base','Carex Handwash Original 1 x 250ml ','BSI Standard Catering First Aid Kit Medium','BSI Standard First Aid Kit Large','Polycal High Energy Carbohydrate Supplement Natural 200ml','Lifosan Pure Soothing Wash Lotion 1 x 500ml ','Stericlens Topical Wound Irrigation Spray 240ml','Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m 1 roll','Crepe Bandages BP (Four Sizes)','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Large (160) F.300.03OUTER','Select Alpha Examination Couch ','Surgical Skin Marker Pens 1 x 50 Z-SS-665','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Small Powder Free Non Sterile (10 x 100)','Hibiscrub antimicrobial Skin Cleanser 500ml ','Interacoustic AS608 Audiometer','Cutan Gentle Wash CUG39J 1 x 1Litre ','Cameo Waterproof Bedding Protector, Double Bed','Ultrasound Transmission Gel 1 x 260g','Presept Disinfectant Tablets 0.5g SPB05 1 x 600','AW Select Arm and Leg Support, Standard Model','Easifix Conforming Retention Bandage','Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m roll 72050-32','Hibiscrub5ml Pump Dispenser','Microplast 7.5cm Fabric Plaster Dressing Strip 1 metre ','AW Select Arm and Foot Rest','Dressings Large 18 x 18 cm','Instramed Small Dressing Pack 5021','Sunflower Three Panel Mobile Folding Screen','Keeler Standard Pocket Deluxe Otoscope Bulb 2.8v 1015-P-7031 1 x 2','Rocialle Woundcare Option II Pack RML103-119-REVC','Algisite M Dressing ','Swann-Morton Disposable Scalpels No12 , 0504 1 x 10','BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set 23g 367284 1 x 50','Intersurgical Adult Oxygen Mask Euro Style Medium Conc with Tubing 1105','Traumacare Adult Oxygen Mask with Tubing (Non Rebreathe) L2024','Keeler Double Lithium-ion Charger 1941-P-1368','Seca 428 Carry Case (For use with Seca 336 Baby Scales)','Dressit Dressing Pack ','Instramed Jobson Horne Probes S42-5055','Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope L3219','Seca 717 Electronic Baby Scale with Digital Display and fine graduation','Perasafe Medical Device Disinfectant 81g SSC5000A','Keeler Rechargeable 3.6v Standard Desk Set 1729-P-1029','Berling Fixed Height Couch ','Seca 376 Electronic baby scale with shell-shaped tray and raised LCD display','Stiefel Disposable Biopsy Punch 1 x 10 (six sizes available)','A.D.E.Baby Measuring Mat MZ10027','Seca 212 Measuring Tape for Head Circumference of Babies and Toddlers','Conmed Hyfrecator Footswitch for Model 2000 BH/7-900-4','Clinell Universal Spray 500ml (CDS500)','Lella The Ladybug Nebuliser','Instrapac 8036 Podiatry Assistants Pack (20 Packs)','Guedal Disposable Airway (Seven size options)','Swann Morton U Blade, 0723 1 x 50','Littmann Select Nurses Stethoscope Raspberry L2296','DeVilbiss Vacuaide 7305','Guardian Handivac Hand Held Aspirator','Instramed 4040 IUCD Kit with Extra Long Forceps','Keeler Pocket Otoscope 2.8v 1503-P-1034','Microlab Spirometer with Additional Spirometry PC Software','Seca 336 Electronic baby scale light and mobile','Miltex Disposable Biopsy Punches 50 (10 Sizes 1 - 8mm)','Microlab Spirometer','Micro 1 Handheld Spirometer with Predicted Values','Plinth 2000 Model 503H 3 Section Hydraulic Plinth ','KerraMax Dressing 10 x 10cm (10 dressings)','Omron Ear Thermometer Probe Covers 2974672-3 1 x 20','Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer Probe Covers ( 200) PC200','Zeal EZEtemp Single Use Clinical Thermometers 1 x 100','Zetuvit E Sterile Absorbent Wound Dressing Pad','Dettol Liquid 750ml','Kattan Professional Facial Tissues KFT1002 ','Radiant (Merlin) Infrared Ear Thermometer TH809','Toilet Roll Standard 2ply 320 Sheets 1 x 36 rolls STT3202','Omron Flex Temp II Digital Thermometer ','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Small (20) F.300.01','Welch Allyn Generic Otoscope Specula 2.75mm ','BSI Standard Catering First Aid Kit Large','Seca 899 Flat Scale with BMI Function Class III','Seca 635 Electronic Flat Scale (High Load Bearing) Class III','Spirit Pen Torch Reusable Pink 95.03.170PINK','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Large (20) F.300.03','ProSpec Disposable Vaginal Speculum Medium Extra Long (20) F.300.05','Sani-Cloth 70 Disinfection Wipes for Medical Devices 200 Wipes','Vernon Ball Head Percussor ','Vaginal Pessary Ring PVC ','Able Spacer','Instrapac 7807 Dental Probes (40)','BSI Standard First Aid Kit Refill Small','Heine Otoscope Bulb 2.5v X-001.87.037 suitable for use with Beta 100 and K100 Otoscopes','Heine Otoscope Bulb 3.5v X-002.88.049 suitable for use with Beta100 and K100 Otoscopes','Heine Opthalmoscope Bulb 2.5v X-001.88.106','Hydrex Clear Skin Disinfectant 1 x 600ml 3030470','Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls BP Sterile Large 1 x 5','Gammex PF Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile 40 pairs','Adult Disposable One Way Mouthpieces (Box of 500)','Skintact RT74 Resting ECG Electrode (500)','Tytan a-tourq Latex-Free Disposable Tourniquet Straps (25) LFT-2518R','Skintact FS-WB00 Resting ECG Electrodes (500)','TIDI Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Barriers Adult 916114 (50)','Cutan Gentle Wash Wall Dispenser','CardioExpress SL6 ECG Recording Paper Z Fold 110mm x 140mm x 142Sheets 5 packs','MicroLoop Spirometer with Desk Docking Station','Babinski Percussor Nylon Handle 25cm','Polyfield Patient Pack Medium Blue Nitrile (1 x 20) 6076AF','Seca 878 Robust Flat Scale with Mother/Child Function for Mobile Use Class III','Bollman Medicare Case ','Miltex Biospy Punch with Plunger 4mm (25) 33-34-P/25','Neuropen 10g Monofilaments (1 x 5) NT10104','Infared Thermometer Non-Contact D.60.300','Cryo Sucess Cryotherapy Device SC-140','Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger 1.5mm (25) 33-31A-P25','Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger 1mm (25) 33-31AA-P/25','Sorbsan Sterile Plastic Medical Wound Probe 125mm 1425','Fast Aid 5885 Pre Injection Swabs (12 x 100)','1501-P-5170 Keeler Disposable Otoscope Specula 3.5mm (500) ','1501-P-5218 Keeler Disposable Otoscope Specula 4.5mm (500) ','1501-P-5189 Keeler Disposable Otoscope Specula 5.5mm (500) ','Suresign Professional Urinalysis Reagent Strips, 10 Parameter (100 Strips) ','Seca 449 Replacement Paper Rolls (pack of 20)','Philips Hearstart Adult Defibrillator AED Pads For Use With Forerunner/ FR /FR2 AND FR2+','Vacutainer 367204 Stretch Tourniquet Disposable (25) ','Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger 2mm (25) 33-31-P/25','Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger 3mm (25) 33-32-P/25','Sterilin Urine Sample Container 30ml with Label (100)','Steroplast Alcohol Free Wipes (10) 8054FC','Stretch Fabric Plasters Fingertip (100) D8008','Steroplast Premium Heavy Weight Fabric Plasters 6 x 2cm (100)','Steroplast Premium Heavy Weight Fabric Plasters 7.5 x 2.5cm (100) ','Steroplast Assorted Blue Detectable Plasters (16) 8053FC','Dependaplast Blue Assorted Food Area Plasters (120) 446','Dependaplast Washproof Plasters Assorted (20) 553','Fabric Plasters Hypoallergenic 2.5 x 7.2cm (100) D8001','Steroplast Premium Heavy Weight Fabric Plasters Fingertip (50)','Brannan Forehead Thermometer','Large Dressing No.9','Safety Pins Assorted (Bunch of 6)','Steroplast Fabric Dressing Strip 6cm x 75cm (8006FC)','Sterowash Eye Wash Plate (1416)','Sterowash Emergency Eye Wash 500ml 1405/CB','Europlast Fabric Assorted Plasters (100)','Steroplast Hot /Cold Packs Reusable 9612','Sterowash Eye and Wound Wash Pods 25 x 20ml (1400W/CB)','Skintact RT74 Easitab ECG Electrode (500)','Skintact FS-WB00 Easitab ECG Electrode (500)','Ambu Blue Sensor SUPAtab ECG Electrodes SU-00-A/60','Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel 500ml (CHSG500)','Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes 40 (CW40)','Extra Large Wound Dressing No.3','GSF Syrup 12 x 18g Sachets (Mixed Flavours)','Glucogel 3 x 25g Tubes (Formerly Hypostop)','Sterican Disposable Insulin Needle 27g x 0.5\" 4665406 (100) ','Pelispec Vaginal Speculum Virgin With Lock (25) 400091 ','Pelispec Medium Vaginal Speculum With Lock (25) 400106','Pelispec Medium Long Vaginal Speculum With Lock (25) 400107','Sterican Insulin Needle 26g x 1/2\" (26g x 12mm) 4665457 (100)','Pulp Urinal Male 875ml Capacity (100)','Pulp Bed Pan Liner 1.5 Litre Capacity (100) FSE 126','Ambu VL-00-S/25 Blue Sensor ECG Electrodes (100)','Pipelle Endometrial Sampler 1103000 (5)','Clearprobe Sound Dilstor DSD-1000 (50)','Pelispec Broad Vaginal Speculum With Lock (25) 400108','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Medium Powder Free Non Sterile (100) G82378145 ','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Large Powder Free Non Sterile (100) G823781747','Sempercare Edition Latex Examination Gloves Extra Small Powder Free Non Sterile (100) G823781741','Sempercare Latex Sterile Examination Gloves Large Powder Free (40 Pair) G826759827 ','Sempercare Latex Sterile Examination Gloves Medium Powder Free (40 Pair) G826759727 ','Terumo Hypodermic Needle 27g x 3/4\" (27g x 20mm) 100','Microplast 4cm Fabric Plaster Dressing Strip 1 metre ','Drug Tariff Dressing Pack Sterile Spec 35 (6 x 12) 28860 ','Soffban Natural Padding 7.5cm x 2.7m (12) 71473-00 ','Spot Plasters, Washproof (10x 100) ','Soffban Plus Synthetic Padding 10cm x 2.7m (12) 71482-01 ','Soffban Plus Synthetic Padding 7.5cm x 2.7m (12) 71482-04','Bio-Flon IV Cannula 16g Grey with Injection Port BM0011','Bio-Flon IV Cannula Orange 14g with Injection Port BM0010','Soffban Plus Synthetic Padding 5cm x 2.7m (12) 71482-05','Soffban Plus Synthetic Padding 15cm x 2.7m (12) 71482-02 ','Soffban Natural Padding 15cm x 2.7m (12) 71470-00 ','Soffban Natural Padding 10cm x 2.7m (12) 71469-00 ','Emergency Red Cellular Blanket 200cm x 150cm (762)','Steroplast 70 Piece First Aid Kit (8128)','Seca CT480ZPi A4 Z Fold ECG Paper for the CT8000P','Soffban Natural Padding 5cm x 2.7m (12) 71472-00','Uritest 10V Urine Reagent Strips (100) ','Kai Disposable Biopsy Punch with Plunger 20 (3 sizes available)','Europlast Assorted Washproof Plasters (100)','Sterostrip Washprof Plasters 7.5 x 2.0cm (100) 7147R/PH','Europlast Washproof Senoir Strip 7.2 x 2.5cm (100)','Sterostrip Hypo-Allergenic Washproof Plasters Assorted (100)','Sterostrip Washproof Plasters 6cm x 2.0cm (100) 7142R/PH','Hypoallergenic Pink Washproof Assorted Plasters (100)','Steroplast Assorted Washproof Plasters (16) 8009FC','Hypoallergenic Pink Washproof Plasters 7.2 x 2.5cm (100)','Sterostrip Clear Washproof Plasters Assorted (100) 789F/PH','First Aid Sign 20.9 x 29.7cm (ref 1212)','Eyewash Guidance Sign 20.9cm x 29.7cm (ref 1201)','Sterostrip Washproof Plasters 7.5 x 2.5cm (100) 7143R/PH','Steropore Adhesive Woud Dressings 8.6 x 6.0cm (25)','Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings 10.0 x 9.0cm (25)','Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings 15.0 x 9.0cm (25)','Steropad Double Sided Wound Dressing 5.0 x 5.0cm (25) 3006/SS','Steropad Double Sided Wound Dressing 7.5 x 7.5cm (25) 3007/SS','Steropad Double Sided Wound Dressing 10 x 10cm (25) 3008/SS','Eye Wash Sign 20.9cm x 29.7cm (ref 1200)','Once Sterile Wound Cleansing Wipes (100) 86972','Instramed Basic IUCD Pack 9101']}